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Lil’ Boys & Fire Engines

What’s cooler for a lil boy than Daddy being a firefighter? Maybe if Dad was a superhero of some sorts but other than that, not much hahaha.  Well Hunter’s got just that a firefighting Daddy who he will think is a Super Hero and a gorgeous Mommy to boot.  Welcome to this exciting world Hunter Dean!!! […]

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Whitman Hayes

I’m not gonna deny that babies have always proven to be the most challenging of my subjects.  Can’t say that I’ve always been proud of the images I get from newborn sessions, however I’ve gotta say that this ‘lil guy was a breeze.  Of course coming from a gorgeous mom and handsome dad which the […]

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The littlest Rancher…. Obie

This little guy from Big Ole Texas is not happy without his cowboy hat on!! It was hot, there was ants on the ground, and flys in the air, but once he put his Cowboy Hat on he was set!!

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Lauren & Roman

Congratulaions to some great friends on their latest adventure in parenthood. Whish ya’ll the best forever!!

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